Jane Ross Fallon

Jane Ross Fallon continues to prove her songwriting talent

Jane Ross Fallon has been a very successful singer-songwriter for a very long time, successful in that she’s won numerous singer-songwriter contests and successful in reaching many, many people throughout the region with her words and music.

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Doug Nelson

Doug Nelson discusses upcoming blues artists appearing at his Nelson’s Candies/Local’s Café venue in Wilton, NH

Nelson’s Candies may not sound like the name of a blues venue. But Nelson’s Candies/Local’s Café on Main Street in Wilton, New Hampshire has been offering live blues bands monthly for about five years now. Owner Doug Nelson, a 73 year old candy maker and entrepreneur, enjoys bringing blues bands into his New Hampshire candy […]

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John Hall at previous North River Blues Festival

South shore promoter John Hall gearing up for another summer of music events; AquaPalooza, Soundwaves, Green Harbor Roots Festival, North River Blues Festival

John Hall is a very busy man this year. The south shore music promoter and booking agent has his usual round up of music events scheduled. AquaPalooza, Soundwaves, Green Harbor Roots Festival, and North River Blues Festival are the events he books, manages, and promotes using his Rhythm Room Entertainment company as his professional office.

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Yukiko Fujii

Tokyo Tramps grace Greedy Geezer’s annual Garage Night Cookout

Tokyo Tramps have come a long way in their 20 year journey into American blues music. They’ve incorporated many Americana roots elements into their sound, and they’re looking to take things to a higher level. They have an artist representative who attends their shows, and a label in their home country of Japan is considering […]

Ilana Katz Katz, Park Street Station

Ilana Katz Katz rocked the Red Line’s Park Street Station

Ilana Katz Katz is a professional Boston-based musician who has never lost touch with her roots. Unlike many singer-songwriters and solo musicians who begin their careers playing the subways, fiddler-singer Katz never lost her affinity for playing the Red Line’s Park Street Station. So, it made perfect sense to capture her live in one of her favorite performance areas. Katz’s Friday morning subway gig was a lively affair to remember as she sang and played her fiddle through her small CRATE amplifier.