One response to “Tokyo Tramps, Boston’s Most Exotic Blues Band”

  1. Lew Bones Pejouhy

    When I first saw this band perform live I went directly to the person booking bands into the establishment and told him to book this band steady into their monthly rotation and since then they have played there once a month and have gone on to achieve many of their goals in music. I became a friend and supporter of the band from day one and they are a mainstay of my weekly radio show. A couple years have past since my relationship began with them and their popularity has flourished . Look for them to continue full force and never letting up. This is one band worth watching climb the ladder of the music business and it may be a shorter ride to the top then most can imagine. The Tokyo Tramps are a must see for anyone who loves the blues and thrives on having a great time with what a band like them has to offer up. I look forward to their continued success and will be on board with them always,……..Lew Bones /