4 responses to “Chick Bass Players, brilliant musicians, amazing personalities, no longer ignored”

  1. audrey clark

    excellent work Bill-really enjoyed your piece!

  2. Carol Bailey

    Great article Bob ~ props to all these amazing female musicians … I play keyboards and guitar but have always wanted to take up the bass. After watching Tal Wilkenfeld playing with Jeff Beck a few years back I was just blown away. I’m sure this piece will be very inspirational to any aspiring female bassists. Rock On Ladies !

  3. Bill Copeland

    Thank you, Carol. By the way, not that it’s important, but my name is Bill, not Bob. But thanks again for reading and responding.

  4. Carol Bailey

    : 0 type-O Bill (I knew that ) my apologies – And yes – it is most important my friend …
    How long have I been reading your page ???? Anyway – great article – and I thank you for your dedication to highlighting the best of the New England music scene and beyond !

    Cheers – Carol