Lauren Passarelli and her students to appear on CBS this Sunday morning just received this information from Berklee College Of Music guitar instructor Lauren Passarelli: Passarellie was teaching a classroom full of new students when a CBS news team showed up to tape a segment about the class. “Oh my God,” the guitar instructor exclaimed. “What great fun my Beatles class and I had speaking with CBS yesterday! They spent the whole two hour class interviewing us, and it’s gonna be broadcast nationally this Sunday morning.” Anybody in the United States should be able to tune into CBS this Sunday morning to view this segment. On the east coast it will be broadcast at 9:00 a.m. “My students, whom I had just met for the first time, were fantastically cool,” Passarelli added.


Berklee College of Music 
“Lauren Passarelli is a great guitar player” ~ Pat Metheny

 L Pass live on 

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