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Bees Deluxe publicity shot

Conrad Warre taking Bees Deluxe to new heights

British immigrant and guitarist Conrad Warre has been spearheading Bees Deluxe for nine years and through eight CDs. The progressive rock, free form jazz, acid blues band gets hit with a lot of labels. Many describe them as complex, but Warre said complex or simple doesn’t matter, as long as the groove is good.

Pamela Means offers a whole lot of Pamela Means on Plainfield album, and that's a whole lotta good

Pamela Means offers a whole lot of Pamela Means on Plainfield album, and that’s a whole lotta good

Pamela Means’s eighth CD Plainfield is a solo acoustic delight. Snappy acoustic guitar playing, raw, emotive vocals, and lyrics focused on personal and social justice make for one fine organic work. Titled after the western Massachusetts town of Plainfield that inspired Means creativity during a dark period in her life, the album speaks volumes of what’s going on in the human heart during this time in American history.

Goli's album cover

Get Buzzed with Bill Copeland; another Buzz column from Dig it!

Hello again, Gentle Readers,
Here is some music news, announcements I’ve culled together for your perusal. I hope you all find something you like. For those who like every kind of music, God bless you. I do too.

Ana Suppelsa

Chick Singer Night taking it to the burbs; spring concert at Parish Center in Westford, MA May 6th

The local Chick Singer Night organization is putting together another of their spring concerts to highlight women singers in the local area. CSN, a Boston chapter of a national organization, has decided to focus more on the suburbs at this time. CSN will be taking their live show to the Parish Center For The Arts in Westford, Massachusetts, hometown of CSN co-director Marcia J. Ridings.

Dave Birkin handling two saxophones

Dave B & The Hot Shots kept it lively at John Harvard’s Brewery

Dave B & The Hot Shots played a coupe of lively sets at John Harvard’s Brewery in Cambridge, Massachusetts last Saturday night. Lead by saxophonist-lead vocalist Dave Birkin, the four piece made their merry way through familiar blues and R&B standards, their sound traveling well through the spacious venue.

Mike Zito

Mike Zito co-headlining Six Strings Down tour; bringing it to New England Blues Summit next week

Mike Zito took time out of his busy Six Strings Down tour to discuss his new concert schedule with Tommy Castro as well as his latest album Make Blues Not War. Zito was able to team up with Castro and Castro’s backing band The Painkiller for several weeks, a combo that’s causing excitement throughout the national blues scene. Six Strings Down is coming to the New England Blues Summit at the Cape Cod Resort And Conference Center next weekend, April 28.

Yoko Miwa

Buzz column update from

Hello again gentle readers,

I have another Buzz column for you all and it’s just loaded with information about New England artists with upcoming gigs.

Tommy Castro; Mike Zito

Tommy Castro gearing up to rock New England Blues Summit, touring with Mike Zito

You can never have too much of a good thing. Tommy Castro has been gearing up for his Six Strings Down tour with fellow guitarist-vocalist Mike Zito. The two modern blues titans have teamed up in one act to bring exciting shows and arrangements of each player’s songs. Castro looks forward to bringing this new tour to New England next week for the New England Blues Summit at the Cape Cod Resort And Conference Center.

Cold Engines continue their steady march forward with Physical Education album

Cold Engines continue their steady march forward with Physical Education album

Cold Engines just keep on getting better and better. This prolific band, based in southern New Hampshire, has just released its fourth album in three years. Their new Physical Education album is their best yet. The band has harnessed its tight, rocking sound into something even tighter while adding a much funkier feel to their songs. The title track as well as songs titled “Bring Out Your Body,” “Pretend We’re In Love,” “All Night,” and “Sexual Feelings” show the band getting into much more suggestive material, whether for commercial appeal or simply because it matches their funky sound, one can only guess.

Ed Gerhard

Ed Gerhard intrigued OnStage! audience in Medford, Massachusetts last Saturday night

Ed Gerhard’s appearance last Saturday night at the OnStage! Concert Series at Medford’s Chevalier Theatre found the New Hampshire instrumental guitarist offering a lot of his finger style techniques and interesting arrangements. Never using a set list, Gerhard simply played whatever came to mind, often telling the audience the background stories surrounding his song selections.