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Niki Luparelli, photo by Ed Moose Savage

Hello Gentle Readers, Here are some helpful hints if you’re looking for something to do in the next three months, something to do with music that is. If you’re more into dinner theater, contra dancing, bowling, or the cinema, you had best check out another zine. I’ve got some shows to suggest featuring Durham County Poets, Pesky J. Nixon, Niki Luparelli, Sympli Whitney, Oktoberfest at the Beat, Atwood’s Tavern, and major events at Berklee Performance Center.

Durham County Poets & Pesky J. Nixon at

2 Great Groups, 1 Amazing Show, Friday, September 15, 2017

The Durham County Poets are a lively and soulful group, who write & perform an eclectic blend of blues, folk & rock, with tinges of country, gospel & swing tossed in for good measure.

Bombastic yet brilliant…Pesky J. Nixon exude a genuine musical authenticity & mirth on stage. Compelling harmonies & narratives rein in disparate instrumentation including- zydeco style accordion, a variety of tribal percussion, & a myriad of string instrumentation.

Niki Luparelli presents Bowie, Blondie, and Prince at the Cove! 89 Green Street, Worcester, MA This Saturday, September 16thDoors at 8, 21+ $10 (actual show starts closer to 8:30/9)

Tricky Niki- vocals
Dapper Dan Burke – vocals, keys
Joe Bentley- bass
Legs and Eggs Greg- drums
Eli Mateo- percussion
Chris Vaillancourt- guitar
Susan Catinski- backup vox

We’ll be playing a mix of Bowie, Prince, and Blondie all night long.
Our three most requested shows in one night!

The Prince Who Sold the Rapture
Purple Atomic Heroes.
Prince Blowie
One way or another, we’re gonna dance, magic dance 4 u

There are 35 stool seats available so get there early if you like sitting.

Sympli Whitney Productionz Presents…..


Feat. Sympli Whitney LIVE!!!

September 30th 4pm – 8pm

Slades Bar and Grill

Tremont St. Boston, MA



OKTOBERFEST AT THE BEAT at 13 Brattle Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Sunday, October 8th from 10AM-12AM

The tradition continues at The Beat’s hugely popular Oktoberfest Beer Hall with live Oompa band, traditional Bavarian fare and Harpoon beer!!

This year we will be adding an outdoor beer garden in addition to the indoor fun.

Atwoods Tavern schedule through November:



Mon 9/11 Monday Night Bluegrass w/ Resophonics. 8:30p, FREE

Tue 9/12 Baker Thomas Band (live recording!). 10p, $6 (BPT)

Wed 9/13 Fontaine Residency. 10p, $6

Thu 9/14 The National Reserve. 10p, $8 (BPT)

Fri 9/15 Tim Gearan Band, Ali McGuirk. 10p, $7

Sat 9/16 Vapors Of Morphine. 10p, $7

Sun 9/17 Jimmy Ryan & Hayride feat. Dana Colley of Morphine. 4-6p, $5 suggested

Sun 9/17 Smooth Hound Smith. 10p $10 (BPT)

Mon 9/18 Monday Night Bluegrass w/ Resophonics. 8:30p, FREE

Tue 9/19 TBA

Wed 9/20 Fontaine Residency. 10p, $6

Thu 9/21 Nate Leavitt & the Elevation, The Horse-Eyed Men. 10p, $8 (BPT)

Fri 9/22 Tim Gearan Band, The Z-Boys. 10p, $7

Sat 9/23 The Vinegar Flies. 4p, $5 sugg donation

Sat 9/23 Sam Outlaw, Michaela Anne. 10p, $12 (BPT)

Sun 9/24 Jake La Botz. 4p, $10 sugg donation

Sun 9/24 Dharmasoul feat. Jonah Tolchin & Kevin Clifford. 10p, $8 (BPT)

Mon 9/25 Monday Night Bluegrass feat. Sean Staples, Dave Westner, Eric Royer &

Jimmy Ryan 8:30p, FREE

Tue 9/26 Jackals, Hawthorne. 10p, $7

Wed 9/27 Fontaine Residency. 10p, $6

Thu 9/28 A Night For Texas – Hurricane Relief Benefit feat. Buckley, Tim Gearan, Cowboy & Lady. 10p, $10 (BPT)

Fri 9/29 Tim Gearan Band, The Safes. 10p, $7

Sat 9/30 Britt Connors & Bourbon Renewal. 4p, $5 sugg donation

Sat 9/30 Town Meeting. 10p, $10 (BPT)

Sun 10/1 Amelia White. 4p, $10 sugg donation

Mon 10/2 Charlie Parr, Hazel & Eric Royer. 9:15p, $12 adv/$15 at door. (BPT)

Tue 10/3 Lady Malory. 10p, $6

Wed 10/4 Planes On Paper, Josiah Johnson of The Head And The Heart. $10 (BPT)

Thu 10/5 Greyhounds. 10p, $10 adv/$12 at door. (BPT)

Fri 10/6 Tim Gearan Band, Strangers By Accident. 10p, $7

Sat 10/7 Tarbox Ramblers. 4p, $5 sugg donation

Sat 10/7 Vapors Of Morphine. 10p, $7

Sun 10/8 The Crank-Tones. 4p, $5 sugg donation

Sun 10/8 Jugghead Band. 10p, $8 (BPT)

Mon 10/9 Monday Night Bluegrass feat. Sean Staples, Eric Royer, Dave Westner & special guest. 8:30p, FREE

Tue 10/10 The Brother Brothers, Oliver The Crow. 10p, $10 (BPT)

Wed 10/11 Janky Teeth. 9:45p, $6

Thu 10/12 TBA

Fri 10/13 Tim Gearan Band, The Rationales. 10p, $7

Sat 10/14 Love Love. 4p, $5 sugg donation

Sat 10/14 Closed for private event at 6:30p

Sun 10/15 Peter Case. 4p, $15 (BPT)

Sun 10/15 Dead Horses, Crooked Horse. 9:30p, $10 adv/$12 at door (BPT)

Mon 10/16 Monday Night Bluegrass feat. Sean Staples, Eric Royer, Dave Westner & special guest. 8:30p, FREE

Tue 10/17 TBA

Wed 10/18 Caleb Caudle, Eliot Bronson. 9:30p, $10 (BPT)

Thu 10/19 Sun Parade Album Release, The Lawsuits, Chris Kasper. 10p, $10 adv/$12 at door (BPT)

Fri 10/20 Tim Gearan Band, Young Frontier. 10p, $7

Sat 10/21 The Silks. 10p, $8 adv/$10 day of (BPT)

Sun 10/22 Sirsy. 4p, $10 sugg donation

Mon 10/23 Monday Night Bluegrass feat. Sean Staples, Eric Royer, Dave Westner & special guest. 8:30p, FREE

Tue 10/24 Jon Langford’s Four Lost Souls. 9:30p, $15 (BPT)

Wed 10/25 TBA

Thu 10/26 TBA


Sat 10/28 Possum, 4p, $5 sugg donation

Sun 10/29 Colter Wall. 9:15p, $12 adv/$15 at door (BPT)

Mon 10/30 Monday Night Bluegrass feat. Sean Staples, Eric Royer, Dave Westner & special guest. 8:30p, FREE

Tue 10/31 Atwood’s Tavern annual Halloween party. This years theme is Bugs…dress creatively! Music from Vapors Of Morphine. 9p, $7

Wed 11/1 Max Gomez. 9:30p, $12 (BPT)

Fri 11/3 Tim Gearan Band, Matt York CD Release. 9:30p, $7

Sat 11/4 Closed for private event @ 6:30p

Mon 11/6 Monday Night Bluegrass feat. Sean Staples, Eric Royer, Dave Westner & special guest. 8:30p, FREE

Tue 11/7 Duke Levine Band. 9:15p, $10 adv/$12 at door. (BPT)

Fri 11/10 Tim Gearan Band. 9:30p, $7

Sat 11/11 Roy Sludge. 4p, $10 sugg donation

Sat 11/11 Vapors Of Morphine. 10p, $7

Mon 11/13 Monday Night Bluegrass feat. Sean Staples, Eric Royer, Dave Westner & special guest. 8:30p, FREE

Tue 11/14 Duke Levine Band. 9:15p, $10 adv/$12 at door. (BPT)

Wed 11/15 Kevin Gordon w/ band. 9:30p, $10 (BPT)

Fri 11/17 Tim Gearan Band, Luddy Mussy. 9:30p, $7

Sat 11/18 The Macrotones. 10p, $8 (BPT)

Mon 11/20 Monday Night Bluegrass feat. Sean Staples, Eric Royer, Dave Westner & special guest. 8:30p, FREE

Tue 11/21 Duke Levine Band. 9:15p, $10 adv/$12 at door. (BPT)

Thu 11/23 Closed. Happy Thanksgiving!

Fri 11/24 Tim Gearan Band. 9:30p, $7

Mon 11/27 Monday Night Bluegrass feat. Sean Staples, Eric Royer, Dave Westner & special guest. 8:30p, FREE

Tue 11/28 Duke Levine Band. 9:15p, $10 adv/$12 at door. (BPT)


Boston Conservatory at Berklee’s Fall 2017 Performance Season Presents an Array of New and Classical Works

Boston Conservatory at Berklee’s fall performance lineup features an array of new and classical works of dance, music, opera, and theater.

The Conservatory’s fall season features two Boston Conservatory Orchestra performances conducted by Bruce Hangen; the fall dance concert, From the Ground Up; Rodgers and Hammerstein’s musical Carousel; the opera Dead Man Walking; Stephen Karam’s Sons of the Prophet; and more.

View the full schedule of events—most of which are free or low cost. Season highlights include:

September 24, 2017: String Masters Series: Jorja Fleezanis and Karl Paulnack

September 26, 2017: Piano Masters Series: Norman Krieger

October 1, 2017: Boston Conservatory Orchestra

October 8, 2017: String Masters Series: Steven Doane, Cello

October 12–15, 2017: Theater: Carousel

October 22, 2017: String Masters Series: Gabriela Diaz and Yoko Hagino

October 24, 2017: Piano Masters Series: Jerome Lowenthal

November 2, 2017: Dance: From the Ground Up

November 3, 2017: Boston Conservatory Chamber Series

November 5, 2017: Boston Conservatory Orchestra

November 16–19, 2017: Opera: Dead Man Walking

November 19, 2017: String Masters Series: Katie Lansdale and Judith Gordon

November 28, 2017: Piano Masters Series: Michael Lewin

December 6, 2017: Theater: Sons of the Prophet


Jazz Composers Alliance To Present The Death Of Simone Weil

October 12, 8 PM, At Berklee Performance Center

Concert kicks off JCA’s 32nd concert season

“This is music for mind and soul.” — Irwin Block, Montreal Gazette

“There’s an impressive variety of textures, colors, and rhythm in all of the JCA’s collaborations, but it’s never attempted anything like Katz’s Simone Weil. More than an hour long, with a text by Katz’s wife, the poet Paula Tatarunis, this work is eerie and moving, and even swinging. Rebecca Shrimpton sings the lucidly set text.” – Jon Garelick, The Boston Phoenix

The JCA Orchestra, featuring vocalist Rebecca Shrimpton, will start its 32nd concert season with a performance of composer Darrell Katz’s epic improvisational song cycle, The Death Of Simone Weil, with text by the late Paula Tatarunis. The concert takes place at The Berklee Performance Center, 130 Massachusetts Avenue in Boston. Tickets are $12; $8 if picked up at least a day before show, are available at the BPC box office or online at

Simone Weil (1909-1943) was a French writer/philosopher whose concerns ranged from the political to the mystical. Tatarunis’ poem deals with Weil’s death by starvation after refusing to eat while she had friends in concentration camps in the midst of the horrors of World War II. Featured is Rebecca Shrimpton. “She is a singer of quite extraordinary perception.” .”- Sandy Brown Jazz, Steve Day

The Death of Simone Weil deals with wild flights of imagination, the Nazi conquest of Europe, desire, fishermen, and existential angst. Weil’s story unfolds like an improvisation that seamlessly mixes modern composition and the entire jazz legacy. The alto voice of Rebecca Shrimpton effortlessly captures the subtle shadings of the starkly beautiful text. Boston’s powerfully virtuosic JCA Orchestra accompanies with fistfuls of fire. The Death of Simone Weil stands out in the jazz vocal tradition in terms of both scale and ambition, and whose depth and economy of expression are worthy of the subject. All in all, it’s an exciting soirée with the far-out, the insane, and the beautifully strange.” – Phillip Blackburn

Paula Tatarunis, who published over 200 poems, was twice been the recipient of a Massachusetts Artist Fellowship in poetry. Katz (director of the JCA) has received one in music. Tatarunis, a medical doctor, photographer, essayist, and prolific poet, woke one morning and quite suddenly quit the publishing biz, explaining to Katz, her husband, “Who the hell am I to call myself a poet?”

“To discover a poet of Paula’s mastery and thematic ambition is to recognize one’s own relationship with the vanishing point as mere flirtation. She stands at the prow of no ship, school, or affiliation, yet points with some authority to a hyper-realistic world we can’t help recognize as our own. Discomfort, she seems to say, is the price of admission. There will be teeth. There will be squirming.” – Wendy Videlock, Mezzo Cammin

This will be the first time this piece, which is over an hour long, has been performed in its entirety since its debut in 2001. That performance was released, as The Death of Simone Weil, to much critical acclaim, by Innova Recordings. “This is music for mind and soul.” — Irwin Block, Montreal Gazette

The JCA Orchestra has been a fixture on Boston’s creative music scene since its first performance in December 1985. “…. every community should have one” says Willard Jenkins of Jazz Times. The group has released 10 critically acclaimed CDs, with its last release, Wheelworks, on the list of DownBeat’s best albums of 2015. Drawing on influences that span the history of jazz and the world’s musical traditions, the JCA has brought together a huge palette of sounds, structures and concepts. A runner up in 2009’s Boston Phoenix Best of Boston poll, The JCA Orchestra has also presented an illustrious group of guest performers including Oliver Lake, Steve Lacy, Dave Holland, Julius Hemphill and Henry Threadgill.

The band plays with drive and vitality. The soloists responding with imaginative fire to the charts and the ensemble. This is contemporary big band music of a very high order, written and played with considerable skill and integrity” –

“… Darrell Katz has forged an identity as a progressive and creative orchestrator of new music in a way that few can claim … Katz is best known not only for jagged edges and vast colors of the musical spectrum as much as direct correlations to tradition.” – Michael G. Nastos, All Music Guide

“Singer Rebecca Shrimpton has a soprano voice that combines the intimacy of a jazz singer with the purity of tone one normally associates with trained sopranos…although she sings lightly her tone has a fullness to it that is rare among jazz vocalists.” – The Art Music Lounge, Lynn René Bayley

“… the JCAO seamlessly moved from composition to improvisation, chordal improvisation to free extemporization, wide-open structure to well-ordered chaos. The music was daring but incredibly disciplined. Even in their wildest abandon, every musician demonstrated self control in the service of expression and musical goals larger than themselves.” Aesthetic, Not Anesthetic Perfesser M. Figg

“Darrell Katz is the heir to the great George Russell –composer, arranger, innovator par excellence. Just as Russell invented the Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organisation, Darrell Katz has redesigned and integrated songform into the ‘jazz’ orchestration and attracted major soloists to his visioning of the art.”- Sandy Brown Jazz, Steve Day

For further information on the Jazz Composers Alliance, call 781 899-3130, or, email, or visit,

To learn more about Paula Tatarunis, please visit


For Berklee students and faculty tickets are free in advance, $4 day of show.