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The Cannibal Ramblers prove interesting and entertaining at Salem’s Mercy Tavern

The Cannibal Ramblers are not your typical blues band. With only a guitarist and a drummer, Boston and Providence-based Cannibal Ramblers whipped up some tasty, old fashioned dye in the wool blues with their own special compositions at Mercy Tavern in Salem, Massachusetts last night. There’s never a dull moment when these two guys are in a room, and last night’s grand opening of the Mercy Tavern on Derby Street was no exception.

Barry Goudreau's Engine Room moves Full Steam Ahead with gripping new album

Barry Goudreau’s Engine Room moves Full Steam Ahead with gripping new album

Barry Goudreau returns to top form with his latest project Engine Room. His creativity and his manner of expressing it come across in fully realized, three dimensional songs that are much more interesting than the material he recorded with that other band out of Boston in the 1970s. The Engine Room debut CD, titled Full Steam Ahead, is also much better crafted and much more evolved than the album Goudreau made a few years ago with the car salesman. Somebody must have added a turbo shot to Goudreau’s coffee because this lead guitar man plays like a streaking meteorite that’s never coming down.

Max Capistran, Sasha Dubyk of Damn Tall Buildings

Damn Tall Buildings rocked Chevalier’s final OnStage! Concert

Damn Tall Buildings made a fine headlining act at this season’s final OnStage! Show at Medford’s Chevalier Theatre last Saturday night. With their speedy, breakneck pacing, Damn Tall Buildings kicked all of their songs into high gear while displaying their highly skilled individual strengths and their highly disciplined ensemble work.

Lil’ Shaky And The Tremors release dynamite Aftershock album

Chris Vachon’s side project Lil’ Shaky And The Tremors have released a dynamite CD titled Aftershock. It’s an appropriate title because once a listener gets to the end of the album, he’s likely to be in awe of the way the band handles classic blues, soul, and R&B material. Vachon, bassist-vocalist Ed Wright, drummer Larr Anderson, and keyboardist Jeff Ceasrine each have tremendous credentials and this super group knows how to combine their talents in a fine interplay to milk the creative juices of each. There’s also 14 guest musicians who help the quartet keep this recording in the big league of musical endeavors

Arthur James

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What J Geils  meant to me

What J Geils meant to me

Back in 1978 I was a regular working staff member of my father’s cleaning company. During the fall of my freshmen year of high school, I would be riding in my father’s commercial van between office buildings that we had to service before morning.

Dara Cassidy

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Bees Deluxe publicity shot

Conrad Warre taking Bees Deluxe to new heights

British immigrant and guitarist Conrad Warre has been spearheading Bees Deluxe for nine years and through eight CDs. The progressive rock, free form jazz, acid blues band gets hit with a lot of labels. Many describe them as complex, but Warre said complex or simple doesn’t matter, as long as the groove is good.

Pamela Means offers a whole lot of Pamela Means on Plainfield album, and that's a whole lotta good

Pamela Means offers a whole lot of Pamela Means on Plainfield album, and that’s a whole lotta good

Pamela Means’s eighth CD Plainfield is a solo acoustic delight. Snappy acoustic guitar playing, raw, emotive vocals, and lyrics focused on personal and social justice make for one fine organic work. Titled after the western Massachusetts town of Plainfield that inspired Means creativity during a dark period in her life, the album speaks volumes of what’s going on in the human heart during this time in American history.

Goli's album cover

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