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Matt Prozialeck

Harmonica man Matt Prozialeck shines as member of Erin Harpe & The Delta Swingers

Matt Prozialeck has been the harmonica player for Erin Harpe & The Delta Swingers for about three years now. His experience in that band has changed his life, having moved to Boston from Chicago to join this Beantown band that plays 150 shows a year.

Lights Out Blues Band heading to IBC in Memphis, co-featuring at Granite State Blues Society fundraiser this Sunday, Oct 15

Lights Out Blues Band heading to IBC in Memphis, co-featuring at Granite State Blues Society fundraiser this Sunday, Oct 15

Singer-harmonica player Gary Bernath has been on a whirlwind journey with his Lights Out Blues Band. Beginning as a side project, Bernath and his band mates hosted a House Of Blues blues jam, picked up a huge amount of rotation venues, and last spring won the Granite State Blues Challenge hosted by the Granite State Blues Society. That win means that Lights Out Blues Band will be competing in the International Blues Competition in Memphis, Tennessee this coming January, 2018. Lights Out Blues Band will be a co-feature at a Manchester, New Hampshire fundraiser this Sunday afternoon at the Strange Brew Tavern in Manchester, New Hampshire. The fundraiser will help each act, who won in that competition last spring, defray the cost of traveling to Memphis.

Josh Gold, in his basement studio

Keyboardist Josh Gold trades road life for studio producer role

Josh Gold has lately gone through a period of transition. The keyboardist and recording studio producer and engineer for the Adam Ezra Group has come off the road. He still plays his keyboard with AEG on local shows when he can. But, the married father of three has decided to focus on a career as the owner of his own Malden, Massachusetts based recording studio. Gold has had a long career to look back on while also building a shiny future for himself right in his own basement studio.

Jane Ross Fallon

Jane Ross Fallon continues to prove her songwriting talent

Jane Ross Fallon has been a very successful singer-songwriter for a very long time, successful in that she’s won numerous singer-songwriter contests and successful in reaching many, many people throughout the region with her words and music.

Doug Nelson

Doug Nelson discusses upcoming blues artists appearing at his Nelson’s Candies/Local’s Café venue in Wilton, NH

Nelson’s Candies may not sound like the name of a blues venue. But Nelson’s Candies/Local’s Café on Main Street in Wilton, New Hampshire has been offering live blues bands monthly for about five years now. Owner Doug Nelson, a 73 year old candy maker and entrepreneur, enjoys bringing blues bands into his New Hampshire candy […]

John Hall at previous North River Blues Festival

South shore promoter John Hall gearing up for another summer of music events; AquaPalooza, Soundwaves, Green Harbor Roots Festival, North River Blues Festival

John Hall is a very busy man this year. The south shore music promoter and booking agent has his usual round up of music events scheduled. AquaPalooza, Soundwaves, Green Harbor Roots Festival, and North River Blues Festival are the events he books, manages, and promotes using his Rhythm Room Entertainment company as his professional office.

Roomful outside of a barn

Roomful Of Blues to headline Barnful Of Blues Festival in New Boston, NH; band has strong NH ties

The 50 year old national and international touring band Roomful Of Blues will be making their first appearance at the Barnful Of Blues Festival in New Boston, New Hampshire on Saturday, August 5th. Taking place at the 4H Youth Center in New Boston, New Hampshire, The Barnful Of Blues Festival is hosted by Granite State Blues Society. The event will run from noon until 8:00 p.m.

Susan Cattaneo comes out swinging with her new The Hammer And The Heart album

Susan Cattaneo comes out swinging with her new The Hammer And The Heart album

Susan Cattaneo has been a very busy woman lately. As many know, Cattaneo joined a trio known as The Boxcar Lilies several months ago and that doubled the number of gigs that she plays throughout the year as she still plays out with her own band. Both are full time bands. Yet, that is only half the picture this Boston roots music singer-songwriter has had

Bees Deluxe publicity shot

Conrad Warre taking Bees Deluxe to new heights

British immigrant and guitarist Conrad Warre has been spearheading Bees Deluxe for nine years and through eight CDs. The progressive rock, free form jazz, acid blues band gets hit with a lot of labels. Many describe them as complex, but Warre said complex or simple doesn’t matter, as long as the groove is good.

Ana Suppelsa

Chick Singer Night taking it to the burbs; spring concert at Parish Center in Westford, MA May 6th

The local Chick Singer Night organization is putting together another of their spring concerts to highlight women singers in the local area. CSN, a Boston chapter of a national organization, has decided to focus more on the suburbs at this time. CSN will be taking their live show to the Parish Center For The Arts in Westford, Massachusetts, hometown of CSN co-director Marcia J. Ridings.